A wedding is an important milestone and a celebration of love. The designing, planning and the coordination of a successful wedding requires dedication, commitment, creativity, a good aesthetic eye, communication skills and most of all very good management skills and patience. You often might ask the question; Why is it important to have a Wedding Planner? Your Wedding planner is there to assist you in every step of the wedding planning journey and make sure to cover all aspects of the event by giving you the peace of mind that you need on the wedding day and delivering an amazing unforgettable wedding experience.

Before you hire a wedding planner you have to keep in mind some basic information ready for the planner that will help you save time and make the best decision of hiring the right wedding planner for you.

Here is the basic information:
  • Decide on a date
  • Figure out your wedding budget
  • Give an approximate number of guests,
  • What kind of service are you looking for, Full, Partial, or Day of Coordination?

Contact different planners to have an idea about services and packages. The research phase is important because makes it easier for the decision phase. Once you have learned about the services and packages then it will be super easy for you to decide to hire or not a wedding planner.

Keep in mind these questions, and pay attention to how the wedding planner makes you feel:

1. Do you connect with your planner? What kind of vibe does she transmits to you?

Whoever you decide to hire as your planner, the bonding process is the first step toward a a healthy relationship. During this process the planner should be able to understand your needs through support, connection, and communication. This will lead to a better understanding of your personality, culture, likes, dislikes, visions, and aspirations. It is important that the planner understands the vibe you are going for the wedding and assists you with the theme. This connection will help to resonate your uniqueness and authenticity which will bring memorable precious moments on your wedding day.


2. Is your wedding planner a problem- solver person?

Ask her to share with you some unexpected situations that she might have experienced in the past. How did she handle it? Sometimes, it happens that some vendors might not deliver what you have requested. In this case it is important to pay attention if the wedding planner is a hand-on person, and a problem-solver!

3. Is your wedding planner successful communicator?

We have all experienced personally or through our family or friends, how stressful a wedding can be for many reasons. If the wedding planner communicates in a healthy way, this by being an active listener, not taking things personally, giving an objective perspective, it will help to know you and your requests better, bond and resonate couple’s authenticity in the wedding and not wedding planners’ ideas.


4. Does she know how to mediate in a conflictual situation?

This is an important skill when dealing with stressful moments. It is substantial that the wedding planner sees the big picture, be objective when analyzing and assessing a conflictual situation, motivates you in a good direction, create harmony and peace. Whether it’s a help to mediate budget disagreements, talking to the mother-of-the-groom or other family members, vendors delayed or other problems a wedding planner can be indispensable.

5. Does the planner make the right suggestions to you?

It is fundamental to evaluate the overall budget. The planner should suggest to you (as the client) on where the budget needs to be spent on! This helps the client to understand that they are investing in the right things that give value to the event, and spend the money wisely.

During the decision phase, ask yourself these questions to fairly evaluate your wedding planner:
  • How the planner assesses a situation? Is she being an active listener?
  • Does the planner understand my requests?
  • Is the planner reliable and consistent?
  • Does the planner have negotiating skills?
  • Is the planner punctual and flexible?

At BAOS Events we offer: Full Wedding Planning Package, where we take care of everything from A to Z. For all you who want to be in control of your wedding planning and/or have secured a venue we give you the option to hire a Partial Wedding Package. We offer Day of Coordination Package for those couples that have already planned everything but wants to have the peace of mind on the wedding day.  We also offer Event Design Package for all of you that need help to define your wedding vision. We design, source, fabricate and install every visual element in your wedding day. To know more about our services and packages, Connect with Us.