Founder | Managing Director

Ardita, the visionary behind BAOS Event Planning & Design, relies on her innate intuition and exceptional emotional intelligence to deeply comprehend both the physical and psychological needs of her clients. Her aim is to assist them in bringing their dream events to life.
With a unique blend of creativity, a legal background, and over a decade of experience encompassing planning, client service management, and marketing, Ardita possesses the prowess to make informed decisions, navigate challenges, conduct thorough research, and meet stringent deadlines. Living in a multicultural city, Ardita speaks five languages—English, Italian, Spanish, French, and Albanian—enabling her to establish meaningful connections with clients from diverse backgrounds.
Ardita’s unwavering work ethic, her profound appreciation for beauty, her impeccable planning and management skills, and her discerning aesthetic eye make her an indispensable ally Share…when crafting your perfect event.
Outside of her professional life, Ardita is a passionate advocate for creativity, with painting and reading ranking among her favorite pastimes. She also enjoys activities that promote well-being, loves to explore new destinations, has a keen interest in interior design, and thrives on acquiring new knowledge. Her qualities of patience, non-judgment, an open-minded perspective, groundedness, and, above all, her genuine enthusiasm for collaboration make her an ideal partner.
Ardita’s unwavering work ethic, her profound appreciation for beauty and discerning aesthetic eye, her impeccable planning and management skills make her an essential partner to consider when creating your ideal event.

Co-Founder | Creative Director

Meet Oneda, the co-founder and the imaginative and creative force behind BAOS Event Planning & Design. With an innate ability to envision the final masterpiece, Oneda possesses the artistry to transform any space into a breathtaking utopia.
Beyond her professional pursuits, Oneda is a polymath with a multitude of hobbies and passions. She finds inspiration in various creative outlets such as painting, design, travel, DJing, photography, and makeup artistry. Her deep appreciation for high fashion and architecture is evident in her work. In her earlier years, her passion for the visual arts led her to hold the esteemed position of Creative Director at an international photography studio, allowing her to infuse editorial and luxury elements into every event she designs.
Oneda’s impressive background spans Architectural Technology and Design, as well as Management, coupled with her personal experiences, ensuring the delivery of a superior design product tailored to each client’s unique desires. Her expertise allows clients to witness their dream events materialize before their eyes.
With a natural gift for seamlessly blending creativity with managerial acumen, Oneda is on a mission to craft truly enchanting and unparalleled experiences for her clients. Fluent in three languages and having lived in diverse European countries, she possesses a global perspective and an innate understanding of various cultures and lifestyles. This enables her to forge deep connections with her clients and translate those connections into exquisite designs.
At the core of her mission lies the aspiration to curate distinctive and daring events, where clients and their guests forge indelible memories that will endure a lifetime.