If you’re planning a big event, you want to rest assured that your event team truly understands your needs and desires, in order to create a memorable and beautiful event that will create many precious memories. Knowing our customer is at the core of everything we do, and we truly believe it has created some of our most special memories and beautiful friendships that will last a lifetime! Here, at BAOS Event Planning & Design, we combine class with a modern twist to ensure the highest quality and sophistication from upscale corporate and social functions to gorgeous, deluxe wedding receptions. We take time to get to know you and we ensure you are involved every step of the way. Your happiness is what we strive for, therefore, we use our extensive experience, authentic vision, and rigorous protocols to provide premium services that perfectly align with our clients’ needs. We listen to your every request, and plan, design, advise and assist based around exactly what you are looking for. We focus on the well-being of our client throughout the entire planning process and aim to inspire and motivate you using our natural creativity and skills to bring your vision to life! Beautiful events are more than a high budget, they’re based on the level of professionalism, planning, creativity, and management that goes into them and this is where we fully exceed our customers’ expectations! We are located in the core of downtown Toronto and we happily provide services within the entire GTA.



Ardita is the founder of BAOS Event Planning & DesignARDITA BALILAJ
Founder | Managing Director

Ardita is the founder of BAOS Event Planning & Design. She relies on her natural intuition and emotional intelligence to better understand the physical and psychological needs of her clients so she can help her clients create their dream event. She combines her love of creativity and beauty with her background in law and over 10 years of experience in planning, client service management, and marketing to effectively make decisions, problem solves, research and meet strict deadlines. Ardita speaks five languages, which helps living in a multicultural city, where every event deserves its own level of cultural attention and she is able to do this by connecting with her clients no matter their background! She speaks English, Italian, Spanish, French and Albanian. Ardita’s strong work ethic, love for all things beauty, exceptional planning, and management skills, along with her impeccable aesthetic eye makes her someone you want on your side when planning your perfect event! She has a passion for creativity and counts painting and reading as her favourite hobbies. Ardita also loves photography, organizing, travelling, interior design and learning new things. She is patient, non-judgemental, open to seeing both sides, grounded and most important of all, so excited to work with you! Ardita’s goal is to create an authentic experience for her clients that stays with them long after the event ends.


Oneda is the co-founder and the creative visionary behind BAOS Event Planning & DesignONEDA SOTIRI
Co-Founder | Creative Director

Oneda is the co-founder and the creative visionary behind BAOS Event Planning & Design. Oneda has a flair for being able to see the end result and uses her vision to transform any space into a beautiful Utopia.

Her hobbies and passions include painting, designing, travelling, DJing, photography, as well as make-up! She finds inspiration in High Fashion and Architecture. In fact, her love for Visual Arts landed her the prestige position of Creative Director for an international Photography Studio in her younger years. This helps her incorporate editorial and luxury elements into each event she designs. Oneda has an extensive background in Architectural Technology and Design, as well as Management and this combined with personal experience ensure her to deliver a superior design product based on the client’s needs and wants, so they can see their Dream Event manifest before their eyes!Oneda can execute a truly magical, “one-of-a-kind” experience for her client, which naturally led her to the world of Event Planning and Design, which effortlessly combines creativity with management skills to bring her passion to life! She is tri-lingual and has lived in different countries in Europe. This helps her have a global perspective and understanding of different cultures and lifestyles, enabling her to fully connect with her client and translate that into the design. Oneda’s primary goal is to create unique and bold events, where clients and their guests create unforgettable memories that last a lifetime!

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